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Introducing MESSED FORCE

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Prathamesh here,

I would like to ask you a question?

Let me know how many minutes you spend a day reading new things? If you are not reading anything, you should spend at least 2-5 minutes a day on reading.

Now you will wonder what to read?

This question led me to come up with the idea of BLOGGING on various topics, such as LIFESTYLE, HUMAN HABITS, HUMAN NATURE, TECHNOLOGY, TRAVELLINIG, PARA NORMAL etc.

And if you are good reader I have more blogs / stories for you...

I want to build a community for readers and for those students & people who don't read a lot but want to improve their reading skill.

I would like to name this community as 'MESSED FORCE'

and when we MESSED UP with things its better to face them but sometimes we just need to WALK AWAY like this duck below.

So I will use this gif to BRAND my BLOG!

This is all for this blog... See you soon in the next blogs on various topics.

If you want to share your write-ups or want to collaborate with me as a writer you can mail me or chat with me!


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