• Prathmesh Deokar

Evening talk with Mom - Part 1

A teenage / adult boy just like you and me are always busy in the virtual world. Chatting with friends and colleagues across the globe, even with strangers, in the case of platforms like Omegle. We make efforts to impress the world. I would state the 'VIRTUAL WORLD', by showing all our success and our significant work just to seek attention from the one who never cares for us.

In this so-called virtual world, we just forgot the family members we have with us. Typically our mother. Usually speaking about INDIAN FAMILY. The most underrated person is MOTHER. Like, ask yourself how much time you spend with your mom genuinely? How many minutes in a whole day do you have a conversation with your mom?

And, sadly. We know. We don't give enough time to our mother, but the fact is she deserves that. I would like to narrate one story. One fine day I was working on a laptop the whole day. In the evening, I logged out the company stuff, Went to a hall with my mobile. Sat on the sofa watching T.V. just like you, the T.V was on, but I was scrolling my Instagram feed. After some time, my mom joined me. She was busy with her chores. Almost about 30 to 45 minutes, we both were so engrossed in our work that we didn't realise we don't have a conversation at that time. So after 45 minutes, I was bored by scrolling the feed, so I just spoke: "Mom, I am going to my room." then what she replied was really heart touching. She said: "Will you please stay here with me. Actually, I am bored. If you have some time, we can spend it together? I am not forcing you but is it okay with you?"

After her statement, I was totally shocked. Seriously! my mom was asking for my time. But she was absolutely correct in her place. In COVID / Post COVID scenarios, we have been too busy with work from home or lost in the virtual world. That she feels we are engaged all the time with our work. Then, I realised my mistake of taking my mom for granted. I was chatting with my friends, I do have time to scroll Instagram feed. I have time to watch various movies and series, but I can't spend half an hour with my mom just asking her what she is going through? How's she feeling? How was her day?

From that day, I promised myself that I would spend few hours of the evening with my mom. I would consume the evening by gossiping with her, by understanding her, by helping her. I stay there with her. We discussed few topics. After that, she went to the kitchen. That's it, but I was about to make a habit to spend my evenings with her...

So let's stop here for now. I will tell you more about evenings with mom in upcoming parts till that.



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