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Fear of NEW BEGINNING.....

Hello Readers, So I am back with a new blog. Here we GO!

One of my friends shared an Instagram post. The post was about the story writing competition, and the topic was 'NEW BEGINNING'. I was not willing to write a story on it. The subject caught my attention, so I decided to write a blog about it. Now let us BEGIN this NEW blog.

I think the phrase new beginning was underrated till this pandemic. Pandemic just put the spotlight on it. Before the pandemic, we were starting our day with new things. But what I think is, those were expected ones. I would like to include a few examples here. The employee would expect to get increment in next year, a student might have expected that he has to pass the exams with certain marks to top in the next class? Some may have expected that he would be buying his first mobile with his own salary, and the list goes on. We all used to anticipate some things from ourselves or from our surroundings. But, due to the pandemic, all of these expectations were ruined. The employee got fired. The exams were cancelled, and the traditional system got changed. The new beginning started. It was difficult for all to adjust, but now we are all comfortable with it. We are habitual to it now. This is how pandemics changed us. Though it taught us that the future is uncertain. We should be ready to face the change.

I have a question for you, Have you achieved all the things you used to expect in the exact way you imagined them? If your answer is yes, then Congratulations! But I am dam sure the answer is no. We don't know the future and are completely unaware of it. We just imagine what we want, how we will have it. Destiny always has more surprises for us. We, humans, are so tedious that we desire a monotonous life. We fear to change ourselves. We fear to start something new. There are many reasons which convince us to make things permanent. We are too insecure about all things. I think insecurity is the fundamental cause of fear about NEW BEGINNING. Speaking about the NEW BEGINNING. It is really very scary. Somewhat confusing, but the end is always GREAT.

Some of us, rather I should say many of us, want a secure lifestyle. We want all the people who we loved with us permanently. We want a regular flow of money. We want someone in life who will stick to us all time. This is practically impossible. We have a best friend, and we expect that he /she should be present in our life forever with the same bond. It's not going to happen, and we always wish for the same best friend. We never try to make new ones. We fear making new friends. Getting attached to them, because we think it would end in the next few years. But, if you are lucky ones, it will last for a lifetime. Every story has a different ending. We always judge the new beginning with the past climax.

Someone had said, "Everything is PERMANENT except CHANGE!" I want you all to understand the depth of it. Just have a look at those opposite words. In simple language, it means nothing is PERMANENT. Change is part of life, and nothing is more important than that. What we all should adopt is the ability to sustain the change. If we can do it. We are all ready to face new beginning with all happiness.

So this was my try to write on this vast topic.

I have a lot to say but let's stop here!

We will be meeting soon!

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