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That sudden wave of...

Hello, as I promised myself that I will be regular in writing. So we are meeting here again. Today again, I am stuck on the same question. What should I write? Should I share another lesson I learned from her? But I think it will be repetitious always to include her. I am not sure what should I write in this blog. Wait, I think I got the topic for the blog.

Let us start with an incident. It was Saturday. Usually, I keep my weekends free. It was an ordinary day for me. It was afternoon, and I was lying in my bed reading the book, and the phone ranged. I received the call. On the other end was my friend, he was feeling bored, so he called me and asked me to come to the cafe. This was not at all new to me. We often meet like this. We call each other and have a sudden meeting. And I think this is a perfect way. There are no hours of planning. No one will make you wait to hold the decision. No one will cancel the plan at the last moment. It's like say YES or NO, and it was YES from me and the next moment I was in the cafe in front of him.

We discussed various topics, and it was almost 2 hours of fruitful discussion. I think nothing is better than a random discussion with our friends. But, sometimes, this conversation leads to unwanted problems. Think about it. You have also faced problems. I'm not going to mention all of them, but the most important one is MISUNDERSTANDING the friends perspective. Then overthinking it. Creating fake scenarios in mind and judging him accordingly. Feeling friend as a burden.

I was thinking, am I the only one who suddenly felt like this, but then I figured out that it is just human nature. It's not only about friendship or any kind of relationship but also includes our mental state. The feeling of sudden emotional change. It's like you were highly active for previous days. Then you suddenly started feeling lazy. Sometimes you feel most motivated and the other time like your life has no meaning. So, first of all, tell yourself you are not alone to experience it. Make it clear to yourself that it is normal to undergo these phases.

See, all things are going well, you are feeling very confident. You are getting proper attention from society, for which we all crave for most. Suddenly you start feeling like something is wrong. In reality, nothing is wrong, but that sudden wave makes us feel like that. Then we start doubting ourselves and our abilities. In the circumstances like this, we should stay calm and believe in ourselves. We should give some time and space to relations.

Sometimes, we are surrounded by many people, yet we feel alone. On the other hand, we are all alone. Still, it feels like we are enough. Another case is that all things are against us. Still, we may face a sudden positive or motivation wave. It's good, but we should not get influenced by it. If we get dominated by it, then we will set unrealistic goals. That will lead to problems. So whatever the sudden wave is, we should try to stay calm. That is how we all undergo sudden waves of being emotional, and it's okay to experience them. I think it is just a sign that we are human too.

Now, let us end this discussion, will be meeting soon....

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