Services Provided by ME!

Here are the multiple services provided by me !


In this, I provide you all the material to make a brand for your business i.e. Logo, Facebook Page Cover, Posts, Color Schemes etc


In this, I will make OUR Design lively as the prototype so you will get the exact idea about working of your IDEA.

Hosting & SEO

Once website is developed then we need to host it so it may be available on the google but only hosting will not generate leads so I will additionally work on SEO that is ranking of website when keywords are searched.


In this, I provide the design for your Website / App / Flyer / Social Media Posts etc.


In this, I will code your website and make it ready for the launch.

Marketing & Business Development

To generate more LEADS there is need of BEST marketing. What I think is marketing is all about the design which attracts ones attention so I will design complete marketing flyers for you and also plan marketing campaign for your business.